Saturday, March 27, 2010

pickeld while picking

Medusa has discovered garlic in the past few years, and now loves as much of it as she can get. so she decided to make a garlic pickle, faithfully following the recipe in Sananda.
The ingredients called for were:But did she know how difficult peeling garlic was? of course she did, she had peeled a few flakes during her very very slim culinary life, but to peel 250gms + 350 gms, is no mean task!!!!! It took her two and a half hours straight, sitting on the floor, with a knife in hand, and at the end of it, her back ached and a drowsy numbness pained her senses.

Thank goodness for the feudal set up that her home has, and for Bobydidi, who ground and minced and mashed and pastedAnd in the end, there was it, to be bottled and sunned for three to four days, and then devoured.And, wonder of all wonders, it looked just like the photo in the magazine. the pickle tastes somewhat sour and salty at the same time, has a grainy texture, with the added delight of innumerable garlic flakes to chew on.
enough of beating one's own drum.