Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flame and Grill- July 2010

The industrial wasteland that medusa works in acts as a dehumanizing agent. otherwise there can never be any explanation to the lack of energy in associating with colleagues that everyone manifests. either that, or that other than medusa has such fulfilling lives outside the workplace that they do not need company from work to be carried over to their leisure.
which nevertheless does not explain why every time a plan is made, everyone agrees enthusiastically, but then chucks it at the last moment.
the trip to flame and grill restaurant was such an occassion, that was thought of for the joys of others, and then participated in when most deserted medusa and two faithful soldiers.
The above is an aberration, as are the next two pictures. after all, who goes to Flame and Grill to have phuchka or salad? or even masala papad as a starter? but since medusa is a faithful chronicler of her culinary journeys, the above, and the below two, were also eaten.

Now, what comes below is what gives Flame and Grill its name, and its charm. the table that one gets seated at, has a hollow in the middle, in which the servers place a tray filled with smoldering coal. and on it, a grill, and on top, meat; skewered, juicy, pretty, delicious, unending meat. and fish. and crab.

they provide you with tiny bowls of oil and paint brush look-alikes, and one can marinate their meat to their liking. the next photo shows medusa doing precisely that, but only for photographic purposes.

What comes below is a salad bar, part of the buffet. the two kinds of lettuce, the roasted paneer and the chicken salad were the best of the lot, and medusa had bits of it, mostly so that the she didn't feel too guilty about over indulging. after all, it is not indulgence if you indulge in salalds, is it?

The above picture, is of the platter of chocolate brownies, also part of the buffet. medusa wanted to take it all, and bring it home, and eat every time she felt down and out. instead, she tried to bring a plate filled with stuff from the rest of the buffet. from top to bottom: prawn curry, mutton biryani and chicken curry. there were more things on the vegetarian side, but she neither ventured in that direction, nor did she take any photos.

this was her dessert platter, and there were more to come. the buffet also had ice cream and orange and strawberry jellies, but she stuck to the tried and tasted brownies, the mousse, and of course the gulab jamuns.

the glorious, glorious, gulab jamuns.

will go back, even if it is only for the dessert.